Consolidate your information.

When creating an email marketing newsletter, Bulk email software can connect to contact data from an existing database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Excel, etc and integrate it into the email marketing message. You can also create a new database within the Email Marketing Software project file.

Create eye catching email marketing newsletters.

The most important aspect of email marketing is the ability to hold the recipient’s attention. Along with convincing text, this needs to include good designs and layouts. Use the formatting options within Email Marketing Software to create a deeply customized email marketing message.

The flexibility of the formatting area of Bulk Emailer includes specific ways to alter the look of the email marketing message. Use the preview area of mass emailer to see what others will be seeing when they look at the email marketing message.

Control your mailing options.

Email Marketing Software has specialized features for controlling the delivery speed of email marketing messages to work within the limits specified by any Internet Service Provider (ISP). Bulk email sender allows timed delays between individual or blocks of mass email messages. This is divided by the amount of time before the next block of bulk email is sent out. Email Charger has the ability to pause and resume delivery of the email mailshot operation.

If there are time-outs or errors, Email Charger will automatically re-send the email message. There are settings to alter this behavior, including the amount of time used before timing out on an email message.

Integrate your email information.

One hassle of sending newsletters and bulk email marketing messages is with the scattered files that need to be handled to create a coherent email mailshot project.  Email Charger allows you to take files, data and extra information and consolidate it into one project.